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Turnigy Mega 200Wx2 Battery charger/discharger (400w) V2

Turnigy Mega 200Wx2 Battery charger/discharger (400w) V2 Turnigy Mega 200Wx2 Battery charger/discharger (400w) V2 Turnigy Mega 200Wx2 Battery charger/discharger (400w) V2


Charge Current Range0.1~10.0A
Discharge Current0.1~5.0A
Discharge power25watt
Balance Current Drain200mAh/cell
Li-XX Cell Count1~6s
Ni-XX Cell Count1~18s
Pb battery voltage2~24v
Intelligent temp controlYes
PC LinkMini USB
CoolingDual Fan
USB Power supply5v/1A

Charging Output:, 2 x 200w (400w Total), Input voltage:, 12~18v DC (500 Watt minimum), Battery setup memories:10, * Note: User manual and software available under the files tab. This is the improved V2 version of the Turnigy Mega 200Wx2.,


Tired of carrying two chargers to the field? Need serious charging power without the hassle of multiple chargers? Then the Turnigy Mega 200Wx2 is the charger you have been waiting for!
This charger features dual 200w outputs, that’s 400w of total charging power! Each output is independent and 2 JST-XH balance boards have been included for balancing Li-XX batteries. A temperature sensor has also been included for monitoring battery temperature during the charge process.
Just for something a little different a 5v/1A USB power output has been included, you can use this power output to charge phones or power any USB compatible device.
2 x JST-XH Balance boards
Temp Sensor
1 x Alligator clip charge lead
2 x 4mm Bullet connector pig tails (Custom fit your own connectors)

Found 5 years, 4 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $96.72