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Turnigy MAX80W 7A Lithium Polymer Battery Charger

Turnigy MAX80W 7A Lithium Polymer Battery Charger Turnigy MAX80W 7A Lithium Polymer Battery Charger


Input Voltage10~18v
Circuit powerMax Charge
Charge Current Range.1~7.0A
Discharge current range.1~1.0A
Ni-MH/NiCd cells1~15
Li-ion/Poly cells1~6
Pb battery voltage2~20v
NotePower supply not included.


The Turnigy MAX80W is an upgrade of a entry level balancing charger and discharger which can handle up to 6 cells and 7A.
The touch pad style Turnigy MAX80W will handle LiPo/LiFe up to 6S and NiMH/NiCd up to 15S and shows individual cell voltage during charge with realtime updates throughout the charge cycle.
Microprocessor controlled
Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMH/NiCd)
Individual cell balancing
Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
7A Max charge current
Store function, allows safe storage current
Time limit function
Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field)
Data storage (Store 5 packs in memory)
Battery break in and cycling.
This charger has a JST-XH charge plug, which makes it compatible with Zippy, HXT,TURNIGY and any pack with a JST adapter.

Found 5 years, 5 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $28.99