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Cell-Log Cell Voltage Monitor 2-8S Lipo

This item is no longer available at the original page of online shop.


Lithium (LiPo/LiIo/LiFe) battery cell count2 8 series
Alarm pack voltage range0.1 4.3VDC
Cell voltage range1.3 4.9VDC
Alarm cell voltage range1.3 4.9VDC
Voltage display resolution1mV
Current loading of test8mA
Maximum voltage for alarm port50VDC
Current drain for alarm port<500mA
Log Files storage16Mbit (36 hours)
Sample logging time interval2 seconds
PC ConnectUSB port
(L X W X D)62 X 39 X 12mm (2.44 X 1.53 X 0.47in)

Specifications:, Pack voltage range:, 4.0 43.0VDC (USB can provide lower voltage 1.0V),


Accurate cell voltage monitor for up to 8 cell battery packs. Voltage alarm configurable with over voltage and low voltage settings.
The CellLog 8S is pre-calibrated at the factory to ensure accurate cell voltage readings.
USB support for downloading cell data and software upgrade on the 16Mb flash memory.


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