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Price $159.99


RedPower +
YellowVideo Out
RedPhoto Trigger
WhiteVideo Trigger

Details:, HoryzonHD V3 came to stay and make FPV better than ever!, Notes:A,


It's a revolutionary Full HD 1080P camcorder specifically designed for FPV applications, where image quality is a must!
It has a seperated camera module connecting the mainboard module by 20cm camera wire.
Its total weight is around 55 grams only 2 ounces, about 50% lighter and cheaper than GoPro Hero2 cameras, besides can be used piloting camera and not prone to shut-off in the middle of the flight like many GoPro users have experienced.
The camera housing provides a much better and easier installation without having to battle with de CG a commom issue with heavy cameras.
It has a built-in micro SD card slot (
MicroSD Card is available here
), allowing video recording onboard as well with video crystal clear image and no video interferences.
HoryzonHD camera has a very lower power consumption allowing it to be powered using one of the receiver's channel, or you can use the step-down voltage regulator included with the camera package.
You will love it!

New features of V3
1. New sensor module, better image and video quality.
2. HorzyonHD now comes with a step down voltage regulator included. The regulator can be plugged to  5-28V.
3. Finally a smoother and easier push-down control buttons ribbon wire and easier to use keypad.
4. auto on function, no power on/off button.

Instructions Manual

Power Connector
pinout functions

Video Connector
pinout functions

Trigger Connector
pinout functions

HoryZonHD V3 connectors

Not the same pinout as Immersionrc/Fatshark transmitters.

6mm lens
can be used for narrower but sharper image.

*Short Red and black for photo function/Short White and black for Video function
*The Camera LCD will turn off automatic if plug video out connector into vtx module.

Found 3 years, 3 months ago at HobbyWireless
Price $159.99