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FY-30A Pro IMU Flight Stabilization System - Orange Plastic

Price $125.00


Download FY30A Firmware Upgrade ProcedureClick Here
Download USB TTL Cable Driver for Windows 7Click Here
Download USB TTL Cable Driver for Windows XPClick Here
Download Firmware Uploading SoftwareClick Here
Data output availableRate

Details:, New firmware for fixed wind and Multi-Rotor aircraft., The FY-30A also has an integrated three-axis gyro and three-axis accelerometer which controls the aircraft movement in three-dimensional space. By using your remote control, the unit ca be turned on or off for the following functions:Level flight, :, ● 1 x FY-30A circuit board., FY-20A and FY-30A Feature Comparison:, ,


Click here
for firmware and instructions. Multi-rotor instructions can found

The FY-30A is an inertial attitude measurement instrument used for automated stabilization of fixed wing model aircrafts and two axis camera gimbals.
When stabilization is activated, the FY-30A will automatically control the aircraft for smooth easy flying. For beginners in RC aircraft flying, this is advantages as it makes flight easier and increases the student pilot self-confidence.
The system can be activated throughout the entire flight duration, from take off to landing.
Emergency Recovery
If you lose orientation or feel the plane out of control, then release all control sticks, maintain throttle and switch on the FY30A. The unit will automatically send the correct signals to balance of the aircraft and regain level flight.
For the experienced fixed wing 3D pilot, the FY-30A can help you achieve a more accurate flight path, especially in windy conditions.
FY-30A makes 3D maneuvers such as inverted flight, knife-edge, crane etc easier and simpler to achieve and maintain. A great way to practice and improve your 3D flying.
FPV (First Person View)
For long-distance RC flight via video transmitter, the FY30A will maintain the balance of your aircraft. You only need to control the heading of your aircraft and enjoy the view.
Firmware upgrade
The FY30A firmware is upgradable by connecting to your computer via a USB TTL cable. As Feiyu Tech continuously improves the FY30A system, firmware upgrades will be released periodically.

read the instructions manual carefully before using the system to ensure proper use and operation.
Click here

FY-30A for fixed-wing control instruction manual here

FY-30A for multi-rotor control instruction manual here

FY-30 for Pan and Tilt control
instruction manual here

For those who wish to use the FY30A with 433mHz long range radio system, please update your firmware .

Package Includes
● 4 x Receiver connecting wires
● 2 x double-sided tape or Velcro fastener
● 1 x shock absorbing platform with 4 rubber bands already installed
● 1 x instruction manual for FY-30A




Automatic balancing

Automatically level the aircraft

Able to record the aircraft level flight attitude and automatically correct for stable flight.

Heading is locked.

Better vibration resistance.

Angular rate automatically determine for better stability and performance consistency during level flight.

3D model

Simple angular rate control for 3D flight stability.

Hold the aircraft axis during flight, making it easier to complete

acrobatic flight.

Vibration characteristics

Will not work when vibration exceeds the critical level.

When high vibration is experienced, angular rate balance mode is automatically engaged to ensure flight safety.

Support models

Traditional layout, flying wing, and aircraft with no flaps.

Traditional layout, flying wing, V tails, and aircraft with no ailerons.

PTZ control mode

Not supported.

Can be used for camera gimbal stabilization. Linear rate of deflection stabilization.

Attitude data output

Not supported.

Firmware upgrade

Not supported.

Can be upgraded as new firmware is released.

Maximum roll rate

1200 Degrees / sec

2000 degrees / sec.





20 × 33 ×55MM

16 × 27 × 47MM

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Price $125.00