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ArmSafe Kit 10 guage

Price $15.99


The ArmSafe® System was created to improve the safety of electric RC models by giving the user better control of WHEN they energize and de-energize their models. This control can help reduce the risk of propeller strikes due to inadvertent motor starts. ArmSafe® is an effective solution for reducing, not eliminating, the risk of injury around high powered electric models. When ArmSafe® is CORRECTLY USED, the user has better control of WHEN they energize and de-energize their RC model. Uses Deans® Ultra Plug® Pat# 5,533,915. It was developed to have all the features RC modelers want:, 1. High Current Rating, This Kit include everything needed for one complete arming system:, 1 - (AS1-B Arming Base), Instructions for ArmSafe Kit 10 guage:, ArmSafe Kit 10 guage PDF Instruction Manual,


ArmSafe Kit 10 guage
This is a complete ArmSafe® Kit with 10AWG wire.
This Kit is rated for up to 100Amps continuous and 150Amps Burst. BUT these amperage limits are only a guide to help size ArmSafe® for your RC models. You MUST test all installations at FULL load conditions to make sure that the wire and connectors do not get hot. These amperage guides are rated with 10mph x 80degF air flow for eight minutes, with burst ratings for 5 seconds provided the average current (including the bursts) does not exceed the Max Continuous amperage rating. Many factors will affect the amperage carrying capacity of wire, connectors, and wire harness assemblies such as; wire lengths, air temperature, amount of air movement, quality of the solder joints, wire quality, connector quality, and how long the current flows through the wire.

2. Small Size
3. Proven Connector Reliability
4. Easy to Install
5. Easy to Use
1 - (AS1-P Arming Plug)
1 - 18" of High Flex Silicone Wire x 10AWG
1 - Shrink Tubing for 4 Solder Joints

Found 5 years, 6 months ago at Hobby-Lobby
Price $15.99